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Customer Testimonials

Helena has helped me through an emotional roller-coaster!! Her crystals cleansing and healing worked like a charm. I had come to her with a love affair issue, spinning out of control, she talked me off the ledge so many times. She was on permanent stand-by to calm and guide me through my meltdowns. She was always real with me, never sugar coated the truth. When she says she is available 24/7 she is not kidding! I will recommend her to anyone looking to cleanse, center and ground! True blessing and friend.

                                                                                                Cathy Aquino  


Hi, I like to give great testimony. I first got a free question and she knew my name and my co-worker name before I ever said anything. Today I just got a reading that was totally amazing. She told me what I need to know not what I wanted to hear. I spoke to over 100 psychics and she has been very few who been accurate and honest. I just found my future psychic. Ty Michael

Micheal Geller 

Loved talking to her. Very thorough and accurate.

Rachel  Willows

Lovely person to talk to........ Very positive def worth a try came on the recommendation of another person. will def come back for updates.

Joe Kendal

Very accurate and on fleek!

Elsa  Way

as always excellent insight :)

Donny Jones

Amazing reader, I barely even have to speak as she seems to pick up EVERYTHING and specific details immediately. I have 100% faith in her abilities, great price as well. Thank you so much Serenity.

Aria  Lopez

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